Chalk Talk "King of the Hill" Contest
Official Rules (November, 2017 edition)
(with thanks to Ereno II for suggesting the contest format)

This contest is based on Dania Evening performances, so you'll have plenty of time to work on your picks.
Each contestant picks (by Post Position) the winners of any 5 games on the program.
Since you're picking posts, not players, you will get credit for any wins by subs.
Contestants who correctly pick AT LEAST ONE winner (from those 5) advance to the next round, the rest are eliminated.
This continues for each Evening performance until only ONE contestant is left - the
"King of the Hill".
Tie-breaker round(s) will be added if all remaining players self-destruct on the same day.

Winner's Prize: Dania shirt and cap



Never worn.
The shirt is a not-overly-generous XL.
The cap is adjustable.

The contest begins Wednesday Evening, Nov. 15th.
An optional practice round on Sunday, the 12th (Matinee), allows you to test the procedure
and avoid being disqualified on Day 1 because you didn't understand the rules or forgot your password.
Due to the nature of the contest, you can't join after the start (as with some other Rumbles).

Your picks (by Post Position) must be entered by Game 1 Post Time, which is 7:00 PM. Entries must be placed in the thread titled:

"Enter day/date King of the Hill picks HERE"

It will make it easier to score if you enter your picks in this format (one pick per line), e.g.,

My picks for Wednesday, 11/15
Game 3 - #4
Game 4 - #5
Game 10 - #8
Game 11 - #8
Game 12 - #1

There are no blanket bets. You can pick the same numbers every day if you wish,
but individual posts are required, and you aren't allowed to bet until Dania has posted their entries
and we've opened a betting thread for that performance.

Good luck!

THE FINE PRINT: If your entry is not posted by 7:00 PM of the performance date, you will be disqualified.
Don't try to play Cinderella. There are NO exceptions to this rule (don't test me).