Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY

Here's where Robert Schwartz hangs out. For those who don't know, Robert is one of the founders of Milford Amateur Jai-Alai.
As you can see, the side wall is on the right (seems unusual at first), but the locals insist if you can throw the ball straight, you'll be fine.
No cestas on the left hand, though ... lol
It's a big court, a full 110 feet. There IS a rebote, but it's small and mostly out of play.
One of the venue's great advantages is the very high front wall, almost as high as the frontis at Milford Jai-Alai.
Also, it's perfect for long aires and volleys.
Side wall is not much of a problem especially for those who can control the ball.
Today's guests were Matt Didomizio and Michael Perry.




Michael and Matt